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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aussies love Genelia


A segment of Indians settled down under are reeling under racist attacks. Television channels and newspapers are full of these incidents. However, Genelia is apparently a huge craze in Australia, or so says her PR machinery.
Recently, while shooting for her Telugu film Orange in Australia, Genelia was treated to a very warm welcome and some unexpected bonhomie on the sets. The Australian Minister for Education stopped by their location and hung around for a chat as well. Genelia, being the vivacious, spirited person that she is, naturally got along very well with the minister and ended up exchanging a lot of opinions and thoughts, especially about the attacks on the Indian students studying there. The minister did a good job though, by instantly perking Gen up by telling her that her Telugu film was the biggest film to be shot in Australia so far!
Apart from being invited to the Parliament for lunch, which unfortunately our dear Gen couldn’t attend, she made sure that the minister knew how much of a blast she was having shooting down under.
Now, if Bollywood were to ever pick an ambassador to represent the case of the harassed Indians in Australia, it would be Genelia, of course!


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