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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Toofan New Trailers

Zanjeer gets UA certificate

Mega Power Star Ram Charan's bollywood debut film 'zanjeer's censor formalitites have been completed at Central Board of Film Certification( CBFC) in Mumbai. Sources reveal that the movie has got U/A certificate with just two minor cuts.The run time of the movie is around 130 minutes(2 hrs 10 min). The movie has been made as a complete action entertainer with superb screen play. Ram Charan's performance is said to be the highlight of the movie.
Ram Charan played the role of a tough cop as ACP, Vijay Khann in this film. Priyanka Chopra shared the screen space with Ram Charan in the film.Meet Brothers and Chirantan Bhatt have scored the music of the movie. Apoorva Lakhia directed the movie on Reliance Entertainment in association with Flying Turtles. The movie is gearing up for release on September 6.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ram Charan Priyanka Chopra in Comedy Nights with Kapil

Toofan Wallpapers

Zanjeer Malayalam Poster

Toofan Making Video

Toofan Premincha Song Trailer

Charan Hindustan Times Interview

Ram Charan Teja might be making his Bollywood debut (with Zanjeer, a remake of the 1973 Amitabh Bachchan-starrer), but he is no newcomer to acting. No wonder the Tollywood star, and son of the immensely popular actor Chiranjeevi, says he’s been used to comparisons all his

My father Chiranjeevi made me sign Zanjeer: Ram Charan Teja

Telegu actor Ram Charan Teja was apprehensive to star in the remake of Zanjeer but says it was his superstar father Chiranjeevi, who came to his rescue and made him sign the film.

khochey pathan Quwaali Song With Lyrics Zanjeer

Zanjeer Khochey Pathan song: Sukhwinder Singh and Shabab Sabri dole out an energetic qawwaali!
Sanjay Dutt has stepped in as the modern day Pran and Zanjeer 2.0 will not be complete without a qawwaali song… just like in the original
Sanjay Dutt will sing a song in praise of his friend Vijay aka Ram Charan Teja, just like Pran did for his Vijay, Amitabh Bachchan. Only this time it’s not Yaari hai imaan mera yaar meri zindagi, but Sukhwinder Singh, Shabab Sabri and the Meet Brothers Anjjan coming together to create a high energy qawwaali number, Khochey Pathan ki zubaan hai o yaara.
Sukhwinder Singh delivers, as he always does, in a song that is owned
by his energetic voice. While Kalyanji-Anandji – the music composers of
original Zanjeer – came up with a hit album, the remake fails
to create that same magic, at least as far as the tune itself is
concerned. In fact, Kochey Pathan is the only song that stands out in the crowd of all those released so far from the Zanjeer remake. The music and singing manage to stand their own musical ground against Manna Dey’s wonderfully resonant Yaari hai imaan.
This is certainly a song that could could possibly make it to the list of the best filmi qawwaalis. But it’s only after we watch the video that we will know if Sanjay Dutt manages to stand tall against Pran’s towering portrayal of Sher Khan!

Toofan Theatrical Trailer

Special Toofan Contest

Good News for Mega fans..Producers of Thoofan are conducting special contest. You have a great chance to win two audio passes for Thoofan audio function. Click the link below to participate in the contest.

Click Here

Play this special game and 10 top scorers will get two passes for audio function. The audio function will be held in shilpa kala Vedika on August 27.

Ram Charan Priyanka about Records

Ram Charan Priyanka Chopra Fun Interview

Ram Charan Priyanka Chopra NDTV Interview

Ram Charan, Priyanka Chopra and Apoorva Lakhia in conversation about their upcoming movie Zanjeer, which will hit theaters on September 6.

Toofan Audio Releasing Today

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ram Charan on MTunes HD

Ram Charan Priyanka Chopra to Host Saavdhaan India

Bollywood actror Ram Charan Priyanka Chopra will host an episode of a crime based TV show to promote their upcoming film.

'Savdhaan India - Mumbai Fights Back' is currently being anchored by actor Atul Kulkarni, who is also part of the remake of the 1973 Amitabh Bachchan starrer of the same name, alongwith Priyanka and Ram.

"We are shooting with them at Filmcity tonight from 10pm to 12 mid night. The case which they will anchor will be a women centric case," sources told PTI.

This particular episode is being produced by Flying Turtles and it will air on Life OK next week.

Charan about Salman

Ram Charan Priyanka Chopra Zanjeer Jhalak Dhiklaajaa Aug 24 Video

Zanjeer Team in Colors TV Jhalak Dikhlajaa colors tv show aug 24 episode video.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ram Charan Priyanka Chopra Jhalak Dhiklajaa Promo

Charan Priyanka Interview

The new Zanjeer is not a remake of iconic film but only tribute to that film

People shall enjoy the film. Old Zanjeer was guidline for us to make

Hopefully people will join Mumbai Police after watching the movie

Friday, August 23, 2013

Toofan Songs Lyrics

Premincha Lyrics

Premincha, nee peruni
Premincha, nee theeruni
Preminchaane, ninne chere naa dhaarini

I love(d), your name
I love(d), your way
I love(d), my way which takes me to you.

Zanjeer Kaatilana Song Trailer

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Toofan Pinky Song Lyrics

Hello hello 
Manmadha mithrulaara!
Mike lo mouth (p)ettamaaku ra
Arey monkey veshaalu maanara
Pinky otthaadhi ra.

Hello! Aroused friends
Don't put mouth into the mike
Stop acting like monkey
Pinky is on the way.

Aa aa aa aa
Bol bol raani yem kaavaali?
Bungalow kaavaala leka car kaavaala?
Cash kaavali naaku cash kaavaali 
Cash kaavali Hot Cash kaavali.

Tell baby what do you want?
Bungalow or a car??
I need money, just money.

Paisa thee, thamaasha chei
Pinky tho link ye kalipesey
Oye oye
Paisa thee, thamaasha chei
Pinky tho link ye kalipesey
Aapaina dhookey pai paiki
Vachestha vizag ki, warangal ki
Paisa unnavaadidhe ee pinky!!(2)

Take money out and have fun(with me)
Join with pinky.
Jump on me after that.
I will come(go) to vizag, warangal
Who ever has money, pinky belongs to them.

Vasthundhi  vizag ki, warangal ki
Paisa unnavaadidhe ee pinky!!

Pinky is coming to vizag and warangal
Who ever has money, they own pinky.

India Loni billionaire Lu yedunnaru
Itta naa yenaka ee bevaarsulu paduthunnaaru
Yahoo lo google lo vethikesaanu 
Yama balisinollu Bangkok lo book ayaaru.

Where are billionaires in India?(no where)
These idiots are behind me
I searched in google and yahoo
Rich people settled in Bangkok.

Konchem maa side choodochuga
Ho ho ho
Please consider us pinky!!!

Arey sommunte thee, champesey
Pinky tho penky panam ye chey
Rupee tho kaipu undhi iddhariki.

If you have money take it out, you can rock
You can have fun with me
We both love money, isn't it?

Ppp ppp
P for pinky, p for paisa

World famous ayye naa worku Lu
Anni areallo unnaayi networku Lu
Arey choopinchu choopinchu neelo konchem
Prathi channello naa maate scrollinglu
Anni agello unnaaru darlinglu.

My works are world famous
I have networks in all areas
Hey baby, show us something!
In every channel, scrollings are about me
I have got fans in all age groups.

Konchem discount ivvochuga!!
Please give discount.

DD nahi, cheque Lu nahi
Pinky ki credit ye pettaku roi.
Appu undakoodadhu happy ki.

I don't take Demand drafts or cheques
Don't put credit 
We should not have debts in case of happiness.

Vachestha ||
Arey stop it yaar.

Ram Charan Priyanka Chopra at Jhalak DhiklaJa

Ram Charan Priyanka Chopra at Colors Jhalak Dhiklajaa Show which will telecast on Saturday and Sunday 9Pm.

Zanjeer New Photos

Mumbai Ke Hero Telugu Song Lyrics

Teja, nenochesaanu ninnu finish cheytaaniki
Edhaina cheppi  cheitam naa style
Rei, nenu chache rakam kaadhu, champe rakam!gurthunchuko

Teja, I have come to finish you
My style is to do a thing after telling
I'm not that kind of person who dies, but kills.

Mumbai lo nenunta
Mumbai ke thodunta
Mundhenaka gasthi kaasthunta
Khaaki naa dress anta
Dhamki address anta
Dashing ki nene boss anta

I stay in Mumbai
I will accompany Mumbai
I will protect all the time
Khaaki is my dress
Warning is my address 
I'm known for my dashing nature.

Pista evadaina
Osthaad evadaina
Pistol ai thole theesthunta

I don't bother if he is a big shot 
I will take his skin off transforming me into a pistol.
I think you inderstood it.

Mumbai mottham manake salam antundhi dheko
Modhale pedithe, volle haleem avuthundhi dheko
Kalipi kodithe, khilla khallas avuthundhi dheko
Dheko dheko maname Mumbai ke hero!!

Just see, whole Mumbai is saluting us(me)
If I start hitting, your body would end up in haleem
If I hit,there would be no signs of your presence
Just see, Hero of Mumbai!

Rei, idhi poilce station nee Abba jaageer kaadhu
Sherkhan, nenu chandhaalu vasulu chese type kaadhu; chamdaalu valichese type
Thellaresariki nee dhandhaalu, dhaadhagirilu aapey. Ala aithe friend avuthaav ledhante end avuthaav.

This is police station, not your father's place
Sherkhan, I'm not that kind of police who takes bribe but the one who takes the skin off from a criminal.
Before morning, stop this blackmailing,threatening, ilegal business.If you do so, we will be friends if not it would be your end.

Route ye gaani maarindhante, laati thoti potestha
Theda gaani vachindhante, bedilesi band estha
Chattam laanti chethulu chaachi, chedu tho chedugudu aadestha
Chacchina vaadi nore therichi, pacchiga nijame kakkistha
Kukkalni yerestha, makkelni irichestha
Lekkalni sarichoosi pampistha.

If your route changes(towards bad), I will block that with laati
If things ate not going right, I will arrest you
I will extend my arms of justice and play with the bad
I will open mouth of a dead person and will make him spit the truth out 
I will segregate you bloody dogs, will break your bones
I will send you after clearing all the debt(after settling everything) .

Pista evadaina
Osthaad evadaina
Pistol ai thole theesthunta
Mumbai mottham manake salam antundhi dheko
Modhale pedithe, volle haleem avuthundhi dheko
Kalipi kodithe, khilla khallas avuthundhi dheko
Dheko dheko maname Mumbai ke hero!!

Hey cop in the khaki uniform
You turn me on, turn me on
Tu-tu-tu-tu-turn me on

I love the way you right the wrong
Oh my God, is that your gun
Can I hold it please.

Orori sexy officer
Guri pettavante revolver
Gundelo jarige encounter
Kar complaint mera register
Complaint mera register.

Aaoonga bachaoonga!!!!!Mumbai ke hero!
O sexy officer
If you aim with gun
My heart is getting encountered 
Register this complaint.
I will come and save
Hero of Mumbai I'm.

Go when you want your hero, just dial 100, ne vachesi ruf aadistha rakshan ki rokha thenchestha
Nakaraanne navvinchestha
Paravaanne poovinchestha
Khaakhi pe hoon 24*7, address always meri jaan.

When ever you want to see me, just dial 100. I will be there for protecting.
I will make a problem laugh and go
I'm on duty 24*7, khaaki is my address all the time.

Police te nenanta
Naa rules ye naavanta
Lokaanne polish chesthunta.

I'm a police officer
I have my own rules
I will polish this world.

Overconfidence penchukunte,peeki chethulo pedatha

Don't develop overconfidence, I will pluck it and place it in your hands. 


Mumbai ||

Toofan Full Songs

Monday, August 19, 2013

Zanjeer Team on Jhalak Dikhla Jaa

Team Zanjeer on Jhalak Dikhla Jaa

The most anticipated action fiesta of the year Zanjeer, is on a roll. This high octane film is all set to be the next big talk of town. 

Telugu Superstar Ram Charan and beautifulPriyanka Chopra have rolled up their socks and are all set for the promotions of Zanjeer.

We hear that, Ram Charan and Priyanka Chopra will be seen on the No. 1 dance reality show Jhalak Dikhla Jaa on Colors TV.

The film which is set in today's times will revolve around the notorious dealings of the oil mafia. This deadly world of where gallons of Kerosene are being stolen from an oil tanker and are being sold for a large amount. 

force Zanjeer stars an elite ensemble cast of Ram Charan, Prakash Raj, Mahie Gill , Atul Kulkarni and Sanjay Dutt!! 

Zanjeer is Produced by Reliance Entertainment, Puneet Prakash Mehra, Sumeet Prakash Mehra and Flying Turtle Films, Co - Produced by Rampage Motion Pictures and is Directed by Apoorva Lakhia, releasing on 6th September!! 

So get set to break free from the shackles of Zanjeer!!!!

Attarintiki Daredi New Stills

Saloni as Second Heroine in Race Gurram

Bunny Lot Mobiles New Poster

Charan with Brat New Photo

Zanjeer New Pics

Attarintiki Daredi Youtube Records

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Zanjeer Record Release in New York

Zanjeer (Hindi) locations:
Commerce Center Stadium 18
New Jersey
E-Walk Stadium 13
New York
Newport Centre 11
New Jersey
Farmingdale 14
New York
National Amusements
BIG Cinemas Columbia Park Stadium 12
New Jersey
New Brunswick 18 with IMAX
New Jersey
BIG Cinemas Movie City 8
New Jersey
BIG Cinemas Bombay 1
New York
Hadley Theatre Stadium 16
New Jersey
Roosevelt Field 8
New York
Bridgeport 12
New York
National Amusements
Palisades 21
New York
Jamaica Multiplex
New York
National Amusements
Burlington Stadium 20
New Jersey

Thoofan (Telugu) locations:
BIG Cinemas Columbia Park Stadium 12
New Jersey
Multiplex East Windsor
New Jersey
National Amusements
BIG Cinemas Movie City 8
New Jersey
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