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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Charan Interview for The Telegraph Calcutta

What brings you to Calcutta?
I am here on a personal visit... to attend a wedding. Just after landing here, I went to Kalighat. I also went to a Punjabi dhaba(on Russell Street). I am generally a coffee guy but for the first time I enjoyed tea. I had some chaat on Park Street. My wife (Upasana) shopped for kurtas from Weavers Studio. They are so comfortable. I have asked her to get more so that I can wear it as my staple clothing in Hyderabad! I make sure that I am served the mustard fish that is wrapped in banana leaves (paturi) every day. There hasn’t been a single day when I haven’t had gur rosogolla.
The Calcutta I know is through movies. My dad (Chiranjeevi) has shot a couple of films here. It has a character that no other city has. I shot a movie in Calcutta last year called Nayak. I loved the experience.
How much did the failure of your Bolly debut Zanjeer set you back?
I was very upset. Zanjeer was a huge learning experience on how we should overcome and go ahead. I don’t regret doing the film. I have a very good relationship with the director (Apoorva Lakhia) and the team. There are no hard feelings.
What went wrong?
The script and the screenplay. The way we adapted the old Zanjeer misfired.
Does that mean we won’t see you in Bolly for a while?
There is something that I will start in October-November next year. It is a period drama.
You are a Deepika Padukone fan...
She is doing so well! I am looking forward to working with her.
Who are you close to in Bollywood?
Salman Khan. I know him for the past 10 years. He takes care of us whenever we are in Mumbai. In case I need any help, Salman is there like a big brother.
You are a superstar in Telugu films. How tough has it been to adjust to the ways of Bollywood?
Cinema is the same everywhere. Only the culture and the language are different.
Your hit film Magadheera will soon be remade in Bengali with Dev....
I have heard about it. I am more than happy to see that. I wish them all the best. Nothing can go wrong with that script.
How much do you know about the film industry here?
I know there is a star called Jeet. I have got a couple of DVDs of his films and will watch them. A lot of south Indian films are remade here. I am happy to see that.
You are reportedly toying with the idea of producing a film...
My family is into it. It is too early to get into it individually. Right now, I want other people to earn from my movies. Eventually I will produce films. My dad has done 149 films. If he agrees to do his 150th film, I will produce it.
Do you feel flattered or pressured when you are compared to your father?
It is okay. If I were in the audience’s place, I would have also thought ‘Yeh bandar kya kar raha hai?!’ These comparisons have always helped me to come up with something new... it has always worked positively for me.
Would you like to follow him into politics?
I don’t understand anything of politics. I would be better off staying away from it.
FIGHTING FIT: I love doing weights. I play football and badminton. I love horse riding. I have a polo team and own 10 horses.
DIET: I love to eat. I’d rather spend 20 minutes more in the gym than not enjoy my food.
STYLE: I love to keep it simple. Jeans and white tee is perfect for me.
LAST FILM WATCHED: Ram-Leela. I am a Deepika fan, so I had to watch it!
FAVE MOBILE APP: Shazam. I download tunes from there. I am also hooked to games on my iPad.
FAVE HOLIDAY SPOT: Bhutan. I go for a yearly trekking trip.

courtesy : The Telegraph

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Attarintiki Daredi 50 Days Shares

Nizam -24.4cr
Ceded -10.32cr
Nellore -2.59cr
Krishna -3.67cr
East -4.07cr
West -3.36cr
Guntur -5.16cr
Vizag -6.16cr

AP share -59.73cr

K'taka+Roi -7cr

Overseas -10.5cr

Total ww share -77.23cr

Attarintiki Daredi 50 Days Special Trailers

Friday, November 8, 2013

AD New Trailer

Attarintiki Daredi 6 Weeks Share

Nizam -24.3cr
Ceded -10.2cr
Nellore -2.65cr
Krishna -3.55cr
East -4.05cr
West -3.35cr
Guntur -5.15cr
Vizag -6.35cr.

AP share -59.6cr
K'taka+Roi -7cr

Overseas -9.5cr

Total world wide share -76.2cr

Friday, November 1, 2013

Attarintiki Daredi 4 Weeks Share

Nizam -23.5cr
Ceded -10.05cr
Nellore -2.5cr
Kirshna -3.6cr
East -3.95cr
West -3.25cr
Guntur -5.05cr
Vizag -6.25cr

AP share- 58.15cr

Ktaka+Roi -7cr
Overseas -9.5cr

Total AD ww share -74.65cr

Friday, October 25, 2013

Attarintiki Daredi 4 Weeks Record Shares

Nizam - 22.9cr
Ceded - 9.8cr
Nellore - 2.45cr
Krishna - 3.55cr
East - 3.9cr
West - 3.2cr
Guntur - 5cr
Vizag - 6.1cr

AP share - 56.8cr

K'taka+Roi - 6.9cr
Overseas - 9.5cr

Total 4 weeks world wide share - 73.3cr

Attarintiki Daredi New Trailers

Friday, October 18, 2013

Attarintiki Daredi 3 Weeks Share

Nizam - 21.45cr
Ceded - 9.3cr
Nellore - 2.35cr
Krishna - 3.4cr
East - 3.7cr
West - 3.05cr
Guntur - 4.7cr
Vizag - 5.65cr

AP share - 52.5cr

Karnataka+Roi - 6.85cr

Overseas - 9.4cr

Total worldwide 3weeks share - 69.85cr

Monday, October 7, 2013

Attarintiki Daredi 10 Days Share

Nizam- 16.1cr
Ceded- 6.8cr
Nellore- 1.8cr
Krishna- 2.75cr
East- 2.8cr
West- 2.35cr
Guntur- 3.6cr
Vizag- 3.75cr

AP share- 39.95cr

K'taka+Roi- 6cr

Overseas- 9cr

Total 10days ww shares- 54.95cr

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kotta Janta First Look

Samantha about Pawan

Dasari about AD

Pawan response in US

Attarintiki Daredi Climax Shoot

Attarintiki Daredi 2nd Week Posters

Attarintiki Daredi Canada Schedule

Theater TheaterShow TimingsContact info
Woodside Cinema
(New Stadium Seating)
1571,Sandhurst circle,
Toronto M1V5K2
Oct 5th, Sat - 1pm
Oct 6th, Sun – 1pm
Sumanth Sunkara
York Cinema
115 York Blvd, Richmond Hill, L4B 3B4
Oct 4th, Fri - 6:30pm9:30pm
Oct 5th, Sat - 6:30pm,9:30pm
Oct 6th, Sun - 6:30pm,9:30pm
Oct 7th, Mon - 9:15pm
Oct 8th, Tue – 9:15pm
Sumanth Sunkara
Plaza Theatre
1133 Kensington Rd NW,
Calgary , AB T2N 3P4
Oct 5th, Sat 5pm Sumanth Sunkara
Hemu 780 802 2339
Damodhar Paladugu- 403-390-6661
Empire Theatres Claireview ; 4211 139 Ave NW, T5Y2W8
Edmonton , AB
Oct 5th, Sat 10m Sumanth Sunkara
Hemu 780 802 2339
Damodhar Paladugu- 403-390-6661

Interested Exhibitors to become a part of these great projects please feel free to contact(with in Canada)

Sumanth Sunkara @ 647-248-2402/678-528-2311

Friday, October 4, 2013

Chiranjeevi Resignation Letter

Pawanism Day Celebrations on Oct 11th

Attarintiki Daredi First Week Record Shares

Nizam - 13.10 Cr
Uttarandhra - 3.65 Cr
East Godavari - 2.62 Cr
West Godavari - 2.20 Cr
Nellore - 1.51 Cr
Guntur - 3.20 Cr
Krishna - 2.42 Cr
Ceded - 6.35Cr

Total AP Share - 35.05 Cr

Karnataka - 4.01 Cr
Rest of India - 1.58 Cr

Overseas - 8.60Cr

Worldwide Share - 49.24 Cr
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