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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pawan Kalyan Latest Photo

chiru rare pic

s/o satyamurthy 2 weeks world wise shares

Nizam: 11.56 Crs
Ceded: 5.52 Crs
UA: 3.31 Crs
Guntur: 2.795 Crs
East: 2.38 Crs
West: 2.04 Crs
Krishna: 2.19 Crs
Nellore: 1.18 Crs

Total AP/TG Share: 31 Crs

KA: 4.80 Crs
ROI: 1.4 Crs

USA: 5.1 Crs
ROW: 1.0 Crs

Total WW Share: 43.30 Crs

Bunny Wishing Birthday Wises to Boyapati

Charan Martial Arts Training

bunny at lot mobiles in vizaq

sos new working stills

s/o satyamurthy 3rd week posters

s/o satyamurthy malayalam banners and posters

Bunny in Kerala for sos promotion

s/o satyamurthy vizaq success meet

Bunny Family Pic

Adah Sharma about Son of Satyamurthy

Saturday, April 18, 2015

son of satyamurthy trailers songs

son of satyamurthy first week world wise shared

1st Week Shares:

Nizam: 9.63 Crs [inc fhs]
Ceded: 4.49 Crs
UA: 2.54 Crs
Guntur: 2.36 Crs
East: 1.98 Crs
West: 1.72 Cr
Krishna: 1.83 Crs
Nellore: 0.96 Crs

Total AP/TG 1st Week Share: 25.51 Crs

KA: 3.61 Crs
ROI: 1.2 Cr

Overseas: 5.6 Crs [USA: 4.7 Crs Row: 0.9 Crs]

Total WW share: 35.92 Crs

Monday, April 13, 2015

son of satyamurthy crosses million in 1st weekend

 Premieres-Wed $345K, Thurs-$138K, Fri $249K, Sat $285K, Sun $105K Total till now :$1122K. Going for 1.5 Mil?

son of satyamurthy 4 days shares

Nizam: 7.27 Crs [inc FH]
Ceded: 3.56 Crs [With Bellary included]
UA: 1.98 Crs [10-12 Lakhs Hires will be added to 1st week total]
Guntur: 1.93 Crs
East: 1.6 Crs
West: 1.37 Crs
Krishna: 1.46 Crs
Nellore: 0.76 Crs

Total 4 days share: 19.93 Crs
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