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Sunday, July 27, 2008

pawan kalyan biography filmography


Konidela Kalyan Babu was born to Anjana Devi and Venkat Rao on September 2, 1971 in Chirala.

Name : Konidela Kalyan Babu

Nick Name : Kalyan Babu

Date of birth : 2-9-1971

Father : Venkat Rao

Mother : Anjana Devi

Sisters (Elder) : Vijaya durga, Madhavi, Ramana

Brothers (Elder) : Chiranjeevi, Nagendra babu.

Wife : Renu

Son : Akira Nandan

Inspiration : Vivekananda,Che Guera

Martial Arts : Black Belt.

Favorite Book : Aghora.,Shadow, Ugandhar, Chandama.

Favorite Writer : Gopichand, Madhu Babu.

Favorite Heros : Al Pacino, Robert D’Nero, Chiranjeevi, Amitabh Bacchan.

Favorite Heroine : savitri.

Favorite Movies : Khaidi.

Favorite curry : Aratikaya

Favorite Color : Black, White, Blue

Some facts about pawan :

* Pawan Kalyan is a Vegetarian.

* He holds a Black Belt in Martial arts and did real stunts for his movies - Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbai and Thammudu.

* Renu Desai is the Costume designer for most of his films.

* Pawan Kalyan was the first south indian actor to appear in an endorsement,for the soft drink PEPSI but now replaced by his nephew Allu Arjun.

* He returned money back to the distributors for his film Johnny didnt do well at the Box Office.

* Apart from being an actor, he feels also as a Director, Screenplay writer, Choreographer, Stunt Master and a Playback singer.

* Pawan enjoys doing cultivation and spends lot of time in his farm house doing gardening

* "Victory" Venkatesh is a good friend of Pawan Kalyan and both expressed their interest to act in a film.

* Tamil sensational actor Vijay is also a good friend and great fan of him.

In his own words

On Yeh mera jahaan… (Khushi): I have patriotism in me. Not just me – every one has patriotism, every one must have patriotism.

On I am a traveling soldier… (Thammudu): There is a latent talent in every one. I am nothing extra-ordinary just because I happen to be an actor. Everybody is extra-ordinary in his own way. One must identify one’s own talent early on – one is not great merely when he gets recognized by others – and one doesn’t become a nobody just because his talent is not widely known.

On ‘love’: “I think love is very important part in life.”

On his films: “It’s only Telugu movies, that’s all.” There is nothing special about it.

On Pavan Kalyan: Not many really know much about me. So naturally, every one thinks about me his own way.

On Pavan Kalyan, the singer: Singing is nothing new to me. I sang in Thammudu, Khushi and Johnny. (Incidentally, Pavan is also a folk-singer – he sings folk songs of Andhra’s eastern region; he is knowledgeable in music – and plays the violin.)

On film direction: I worked in the directorial department for most of my own films, and song sequences and stunts have mostly been choreographed from the basic concept given by me, though I had not been mentioning my own name in the titles – not until after Khushi. It was only with Johnny that I included my name in the titles. I have the necessary understanding in all departments of film-making.

On selection of films: I never do films with any one in mind – the subject must be to my own liking. Whether the audiences will like it, is secondary. First of all, I must like it – else I just won’t do it.

On stories: I get to like it only when it has all the emotions of day-to-day life of the man in the street.

On those who want to approach him: ‘Where there is a will there is a way.’ One can approach me just the way Karukaran, Arun Prasad or Puri Jagannadh did. Those who want to meet me, only me, and that at any cost will get to meet me in any case. They will reach, shattering a human cordon around me, if necessary – they ought to.

On big brother: “talent + hard work = my big brother.” I am great fan of my big bro. I like to see him in many more films.

On God: I am a believer, but I don’t do idol worship. I see God in Nature and in Man. I am just a nature lover.

On hobbies: Collecting antique swords and daggers; raising pups and kitties; letting my hair down (and literally clean-shaving my pate) completely after finishing each project.

What I fear most: Compulsive liars – yet I cannot get angry with them, just pity.


He entered tollywood with akkada ammayi ikkada abbayi.. Though this film did not do well at the box office, Kalyan was noticed for his expertise in Martial Arts. He did some extraordinary performances in the movie like running 20 cars over his fingers which was never before and never after.

After akkada ammayi ikkada abbayi kalyan took a break and has given a live performance of his martial arts skills from ISSHINRYU Karate Association in a live show on 26th March 1997. LINK

After the event his guru Shihan Hussaini has given him the title pawan. From then onwards he has been called as pawan kalyan.

Akkada ammayi ikkada abbayi ---- 11-10-1996

Gokulamlo seta --------------------- 22-08-1997

Suswagatam ------------------------- 01-01-1998

Toil prema ---------------------------24-07-1998

Tammudu ---------------------------15-07-1999

Badri ---------------------------------20-04-2000

Kushi ------------------------------- 27-04-2001

Johnny ----------------------------- 25-04-2003

Gudumba shankar -----------------10-09-2004

Shankardada mbbs ----(guest) ----15-10-2004

Balu ---------------------------------06-01-2005

Bangaram ---------------------------03-05-2006

Annavaram --------------------------29-12-2006

Shankardada zindabad -(guest) --- 27-07-2007

Jalsa ---------------------------------02-04-2008

Komaram Puli --------------------- 10-09-2010

Teen Maar ------------------------- 14-04-2011

Panjaa ----------------------------- 09-12-2011

Gabbar Singh ---------------------- 11.05.2012

Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu --- 18.10.2012

Attarintiki Daredi ------------------- 27.09.2013

Gopala Gopala ---------------------- 10.01.2015

Sardar Gabbar Singh------------------ 08.04.2016

Katama Rayudu----------------------- 24.04.2017

Agnyaathavaasi ------------------------09.01.2018

Vakeel Saab --------------------------- 09.04.2021

Bheemla Nayak ----------------------- 25.02.2022

Direction : Johnny

Fights : Badri, Kushi, Daddy,Johnny, Gudumba shankar.

Screenplay : Johnny, Gudumba shankar.

ram charan tej biography filmography



Name :Ram Charan Tej

Date of birth : 27-3-1985

Father : Chiranjeevi

Mother : Surekha

Sisters : 1) Sushmita, elder sister 2) Srija , younger sister

Nick Name: Cherry,Charan babu

Inspiration: Abdul kalam

Favorite Book: The wings by Kalam

Favorite Hollywood Hero: Brad pit

Favorite Tollywood Heros:Chiru,Pawan Kalyan

Favorite Heroine:- sridevi.

Favorite Movies: Khidi, vijetha,kushi

Favorite God: Anjenya swami

Favorite Food: Light food and continental food

Favorite Color: Black and Yellow, Green

Hobbies : horse riding, Reading comics books, Internet Browsing



CHIRUTHA 28-09-2007

MAGADHEERA 31-07-2009

ORANGE 26-11-2010

RACHA 05.04.2012

NAAYAK 09.01.2013

YEVADU 12.01.2014


BRUCELEE 16.10.2015

DHRUVA       9.12.2016

KHAIDI NO 150 (GUEST) 11.01.2017



RRR 24.03.2022

ACHARYA 29.04.2022

allu arjun biography and filmography

Original Name : Allu Arjun
Born : April 8 , 1983
Birth Place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Nick Name: Bunny
Nationality: Indian
Profession: Actor
Schooling: Chennai
Father: Allu Aravind (Mega Producer)
Sibilings: Elder Brother Allu Venkatesh and Younger brother Allu Sirish
Before cinema: Graphic Animator
Hobbies: Music, Dance, Watching movies, Reading
Colours: Black, White, Silver
Book: Oh Life, Relax Please
Vehicle: Scorpio, Safari, Seora,tucson
Dream Project : Movies like Gang Leader, Indra
Hero : Chiranjeevi
Heroine: Rani Mukherjee
Singers : Hariharan , K.K., Shanker Mahadevan

Allu Arjun aka Bunny, stylish star of telugu film industry was born in Chennai, in tamil nadu on april 8th. He was born to Allu Aravind and Nirmala. Allu Arjun is grand son of Allu Ramalingaiah a legendary cine personality, freedom fighter and an ayurvedic doctor. He married Sneha Reddy on March 6 2011.

Before coming to film industry bunny undergone informal training from kishore naveet kapur at Mumbai in 2002.

With Gangothri Bunny entered Tollywood. Bunny is a super dancer.

Allu Arjun is the only Tollywood Hero who got Fans in Andhra, Tamil nadu & Kerala.


Gangothri~ 28-03-2003

Arya ~ 07-05-2004

Bunny ~ 06-04-2005

Happy ~ 27-01-2006

Desamuduru ~ 12-01-2007

Shankar Dada Zindabad ~ 27-07-2007

Parugu ~ 01-05-2008

Arya2 ~ 27-11-2009

Varudu ~ 31-03-2010

Vedam ~ 04-06-2010

Badrinath ~ 10-06-2011

Julayi ~ 09.08.2012

Iddarammayilatho ~ 31.05.2013

Race Gurram ~ 11.04.2014

Son of Satyamurthy ~ 08.04.2015

Sarainodu ~ 22.04.2016

Duvvada Jagannadham ~ 23.06.2017

Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India ~ 04.05.2018

Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India ~ 12.01.2019

Pushpa ~ 17.12.2021

chiru unseen song

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