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Friday, August 23, 2013

Toofan Songs Lyrics

Premincha Lyrics

Premincha, nee peruni
Premincha, nee theeruni
Preminchaane, ninne chere naa dhaarini

I love(d), your name
I love(d), your way
I love(d), my way which takes me to you.

Premincha, nee swaasani
Premincha, nee sparsani
Preminchaane, nee pai unde naa dhyaasani.

I love(d), your breath
I love(d), your touch
I love(d), my intrerest on you.

Premincha, nee chilipi koppaanni
Premincha, nee chinni lopaanni
Premincha, nuvvunna lokaanni
Premisthu jeevinchaane.

I love(d), your sweet anger
I love(d), your small mistake(s)
I love(d), this world in which your presence is there
I have been living all these days by loving.

Naa gaali ninda nee palukule
Naa nela ninda nee adugule
Naa ningi ninda nee merupule
Naa jagathi ninda nee gur(u)thule.

My air has only your words
My land has only foot prints of yours
My sky has only your lightenings
My world has only your imprints.(memories)

Poindhi cheli meham nee muddhulo
Undalenandhi chali kaalam manamadhyalo
Aanandha bandhaalalo.

Girl has Lost her shyness in your kiss
Winter season told that it cannot stay in between us, between these sweet troubles.

Premincha, anukoni pechini
Premincha, aa paina raajini
Premincha, atupaina aa premani
Premisthu jeevinchaane.

I love(d), when you cried over a thing
I love(d), compromise after that
I love(d), love showered after that
I have been living all these days by loving.

just love, nee choopini
I Just love, niturpuni
Preminchaane, manakai veche munimaapuni
I just love, nee oohani
I just love, nee unikini
Preminchaane, neela virise udhayalani

I just love, your vision
I just love, this waiting
I love(d), the day which have been waiting for us.
I just love, a thought about you
I just love, your presence
I love(d), mornings which arise like you.

Premincha, ee madhura baadhalani
Premincha, ee Manchu mantalni
Premincha, swecha sankhellani
Premisthu jeevinchaane

I love(d), this sweet relation
I love(d), this fire in cold
I love(d), these handcuffs of freedom.
I have been loving by loving all these days.

Mumbai ke hero Lyrics

Teja, nenochesaanu ninnu finish cheytaaniki
Edhaina cheppi  cheitam naa style
Rei, nenu chache rakam kaadhu, champe rakam!gurthunchuko

Teja, I have come to finish you
My style is to do a thing after telling
I'm not that kind of person who dies, but kills.

Mumbai lo nenunta
Mumbai ke thodunta
Mundhenaka gasthi kaasthunta
Khaaki naa dress anta
Dhamki address anta
Dashing ki nene boss anta

I stay in Mumbai
I will accompany Mumbai
I will protect all the time
Khaaki is my dress
Warning is my address
I'm known for my dashing nature.

Pista evadaina
Osthaad evadaina
Pistol ai thole theesthunta

I don't bother if he is a big shot
I will take his skin off transforming me into a pistol.
I think you inderstood it.

Mumbai mottham manake salam antundhi dheko
Modhale pedithe, volle haleem avuthundhi dheko
Kalipi kodithe, khilla khallas avuthundhi dheko
Dheko dheko maname Mumbai ke hero!!

Just see, whole Mumbai is saluting us(me)
If I start hitting, your body would end up in haleem
If I hit,there would be no signs of your presence
Just see, Hero of Mumbai!!

Rei, idhi poilce station nee Abba jaageer kaadhu
Sherkhan, nenu chandhaalu vasulu chese type kaadhu; chamdaalu valichese type
Thellaresariki nee dhandhaalu, dhaadhagirilu aapey. Ala aithe friend avuthaav ledhante end avuthaav.

This is police station, not your father's place
Sherkhan, I'm not that kind of police who takes bribe but the one who takes the skin off from a criminal.
Before morning, stop this blackmailing,threatening, ilegal business.If you do so, we will be friends if not it would be your end.

Route ye gaani maarindhante, laati thoti potestha
Theda gaani vachindhante, bedilesi band estha
Chattam laanti chethulu chaachi, chedu tho chedugudu aadestha
Chacchina vaadi nore therichi, pacchiga nijame kakkistha
Kukkalni yerestha, makkelni irichestha
Lekkalni sarichoosi pampistha.

If your route changes(towards bad), I will block that with laati
If things ate not going right, I will arrest you
I will extend my arms of justice and play with the bad
I will open mouth of a dead person and will make him spit the truth out
I will segregate you bloody dogs, will break your bones
I will send you after clearing all the debt(after settling everything) .

Pista evadaina
Osthaad evadaina
Pistol ai thole theesthunta
Mumbai mottham manake salam antundhi dheko
Modhale pedithe, volle haleem avuthundhi dheko
Kalipi kodithe, khilla khallas avuthundhi dheko
Dheko dheko maname Mumbai ke hero!!

Hey cop in the khaki uniform
You turn me on, turn me on
Tu-tu-tu-tu-turn me on

I love the way you right the wrong
Oh my God, is that your gun
Can I hold it please.

Orori sexy officer
Guri pettavante revolver
Gundelo jarige encounter
Kar complaint mera register
Complaint mera register.

Aaoonga bachaoonga!!!!!Mumbai ke hero!
O sexy officer
If you aim with gun
My heart is getting encountered
Register this complaint.
I will come and save
Hero of Mumbai I'm.

Go when you want your hero, just dial 100, ne vachesi ruf aadistha rakshan ki rokha thenchestha
Nakaraanne navvinchestha
Paravaanne poovinchestha
Khaakhi pe hoon 24*7, address always meri jaan.

When ever you want to see me, just dial 100. I will be there for protecting.
I will make a problem laugh and go
I'm on duty 24*7, khaaki is my address all the time.

Police te nenanta
Naa rules ye naavanta
Lokaanne polish chesthunta.

I'm a police officer
I have my own rules
I will polish this world.

Overconfidence penchukunte,peeki chethulo pedatha

Don't develop overconfidence, I will pluck it and place it in your hands.


Mumbai ||

Shakila Scent Lyrics

Movie: Toofan
Music: Anand Raj Anand
Lyrics: Chandra Bose
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal

Manasu seesa moothane matthuga therichesaane!
Madhura premala scentune maga mithrula pai jallesaane
Nee shirt ki naa scentu set ho gayi
Shakeela scentu Shakila scentu hit ho gayi hit hogayi.

I've opened cap of (Bottle of) heart
I've sprinkled perfume of love on these men
For your shirt. My fragrance is a perfect fit
Shakila's Scent(fragrance) has become a hit.

Naa scentu antunkundhante Decent purushudu Out(ey)
Naa scentu pattukundhante Recent kaapuram  Cut(ey)
Paapam Inko scentu, forget ho gayi

If a decent guy gets my fragrance on him, though he is decent he goes crazy
If a family man got attracted towards me, His matrial life could get into trouble
People forgot many girls because of me, poor girls!!

Shakila scentu hit ho gayi ho gayi
Shakila centu hit ho gayi ho gayi
Shakila centu hit ho gayi ho gayi

Prema fail aina vaadu
Devadas dhaari patteyakunda
pelli lollaina vaadu
kaashayam post katteyakunda
Rendu try cheyyanodu Mood baagoka musugettakunda
Okka bottu raasthe cent percent fit ho gayi.

A guy who has got a love failure
For him, Not to take the way of devdas
A man who matrial life is not satisfactory
For him, Not to become a Saint
A man, Who did not try both(Love and marriage)
For him, Not to sleep just because his mood is not good

For these, If they apply one drop of my perfume, It would fit them 100% (and make them happy)

Shakila Scentu Shakila scentu Shakila Scentu
Hit ho gayi ho gayi

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