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Thursday, April 15, 2010

‘Badrinath’ goes to Badrinath

The unit of ‘Badrinath’, the new movie under production of Allu Arjun, will move to the state of Uttaranchal.
A set of the Badrinath temple is being erected at a small village near the holy shine of Badrinath. The movie has a few scenes with a period drama and those particular scenes need the set to get that period feel.
The duration of stay for the unit is expected to be 60 days which is divided in to two schedules. ‘Badrinath’ is directed by V V Vinayak who directed Allu Arjun in 'Bunny' before. Music is by M M Keeravani and the cinematographer is 'Dasavatharam' cinematographer Ravi Verman.
Produced by Allu Arvind’s Geetha Arts, the movie’s shooting will commence by June. With Varudu entering the flop list, let us hope Badrinath revives Allu Arjun's hopes.


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