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Monday, June 14, 2010

Chiru Pawan Charan at Tollywood T20 Gallery 1




Anonymous said...

wow, three of u r really looking fantastic at the match.meeru gelavaledani nenu konchem disappoint ayyanu.yenduko telusa?oka manchi panikosam meeranta ee match aadaru.aa matchki 'andam chiranjeevi' testene ninduga untundi.but no problem meeru chala baga kashtapadi aadaru.especially ajay.not like other teams.charan sariga aadaledani kondaru antunnaru.but i don't accept.he is the only one player in his team who took 3 wickets out of 6.yevarikaina teliyakapote choosi teleusukondi.antekani veletti choopinchakandi.

a good friend of cherrry said...

i want 2 tell one thing 2 my dear megafanz organizer.i read some news in ''under the title 'chiranjeevi was jealous of nagarjuna'.i thought 2 give my comment in that site only,but i don't find it there.what i want 2 say is that chiru is not a man who always want 2 b great and that people should shower flowers on him.he is the man who is of such a great character to serve the humanity.if he is really jealous of nag,then why he had hugged him after they won the match?he is a simple man and good friend.think a while when u r writing may hurt us.dear megafanz organizer,if u have any good contact with the blog i've mentioned,plz advice them not 2 give such articles.ok.

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