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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Teen Maar Audio Super Hit

Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Teen Maar’ is soon to smash theaters near you. The music for the film is simply superb. It is all done with good songwriting and an old school approach. The songs for ‘Teen Maar’ have been composed by Mani Sharma. The album has got altogether six tracks.

Aale Baale Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Hemachandra, Shravana Bhargavi
Hey, the first tune ‘Aale Baale Teenu Maare Le’ starts off with awesome guitar riffs. The track is amazing from start to finish and grabs the listeners’ attention, especially the teeny boppers. The words are very cool. This wonderful song was written by Bhaskara Bhatla. Mani Sharma’s rendition is very catchy. I liked tapping and clapping sound. He used very light instruments throughout the song and inserts some mass beats in the middle. Hemachandra and Bhargavi’s vocals are awesome and the chorus too. It’s great and makes me wanna dance. Jus listen to it!

Vayyarala Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Rahaman Singer: Karunya
What a truly beautiful song? I think this is one of the most beautiful love songs in recent times….hope you all will love it as much as me! Honestly speaking, the gentle feel to the song and the mood it creates seems to be the essence of the song itself. Rahaman used simple words and hence the song easily captures your heart. Karunya is lucky to sing songs of vintage keyboards. And to no one’s surprise, he sings wonderfully. Remember, how delightfully he sang ‘Ammayi Kitiki Pakkana Unte’ in ‘Maryada Ramanna’ and now this solo number. Also I find his voice soothing as well as scintillating. After Keeravani, it’s now Mani Sharma who is taking us back to those golden days.

Chiguru Boniya Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Vishwa Singer: Vishwa
Hey! Planning to throw a party? Here is what you need – best hip hop party song. Oh, just listen to this song and you’ll have more fun than you’ve had before. Just shake your leg with a shake, shake, shakey shake and pat your tummy with a pat, pat, patty, pat. The song starts off with the funky line “Dooba dooba dooba, dooba dooba dooba, dooba dooba dooba, dooba dooba”, then comes the first line “Chiguru Boniya, Valapu Theniya, Jinkaleyi Chokareelu Thassadheeya” and the song continues. Vishwa wrote and sang this funky number. The song is full of fun. Come along, lend an ear and see it for yourself.

Sri Ganga Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Hemachandra, Sri Vardhini
‘Sri Ganga’ is the song on Shiva which was picturised on a specially erected set at Kasi. The song starts off with the line ‘Jagamelu Shiva Shankara, Nuvvunte, Makinka Bhayamendi Ra’. By this line one can understand that this song is not a devotional song but a semi-devotional song sung by a common man. The fans are sure to shower flowers on the silver screen when Pawan Kalyan appears in this song. Hemachandra’s vocal rendition is impressive. Sri Vardhini also sung it beautifully with her sweet voice. Ramajogayya’s lyrics are good. On the whole this song is excellent but I think it would be more appealing on the big screen.

Barbi Bommaki Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Benny Dayal, Shravana Bhargavi
‘Barbi Bommaki’ is the remix of all time hit number ‘Oho Basti Dorasaani’. A fantastic remix work by Mani Sharma. This song is fun to listen due to its lyrics. Well written, well composed and well sung song. This cheerful number with a very funky feel takes you on a funky ride. Enjoy!!!

Gelupu Thalupule Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Rahaman Singer: Sri Ramachandra
‘Gelupu Thalupule Teese Aasakame Nedu Naakosame’ is a climax song. A sad number that was sung by Sri Ramanchandra will touch the heart of listeners tenderly. It’s very soothing and relaxing in its touch. Very well written by Rahaman. Mani Sharma ends the album with a slow paced number. The composition is very beautiful with complete Indian instruments. This song reminds me of some old Ilayaraja songs. It’s greatly composed song that touches the soul.

The entire album carries the listeners to other times. Packed with shining melody, fun, and pathos, each song is infectious and you will find yourself repeating track after track.

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