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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gabbar Singh Live Updates


Live Updates 1

Updated at 9:45PM


Updated at 9:41PM

Massive Climax fight breaks out..Lots of Scorpios flying in the air.

Updated at 9:35PM

Movie turns serious with emotional scenes.

Updated at 9:22PM

Malaika Arora is setting the screens on fire in Kevvu Keka..

Updated at 9:08PM

Time for the song 'Dil Se'.. Shot with superb cinematography.. Pawan looks super handsome and Shruti is looking fab

Updated at 8:59PM

Hilarious Antyakshari scene in the Police Station. ROFL.. Hats Off to Pawan and Harish Shankar

Updated at 8:49PM

Jayaprakash Reddy comes in with his trademark comedy laugh..Entertaining !

Updated at 8:36PM

Interval. Massive interval fight. First half moves at an incredibly
fast pace with good entertainment and super dialogues from Pawan.Let us
see how the second half is

Updated at 8:15PM

The super hit 'Pilla' song follows immediately as the follow up to Mandu Babulam. Shot beautifully in Switzerland

Updated at 8:10PM

Kota Srinivasa Rao comes in as a drunkard and father of Shruti
Haasan. Time for the legendary 'Mandu Babulam' song. Super mass steps
from Pawan.

Updated at 8:01PM

Pawan plays a super Kabaddi match with the goons..shot in highly entertaining style

Updated at 7:57PM

Pawan comes in on a rickshaw with Chiru's "Ee Petaku Nene Mestri' song and this will surely send fans into delightful raptures.

Updated at 7:56 PM

Brahmi comes in as Recovery Ranjith Kumar, a bank recovery officer. Shruti Haasan is Bhagyalakshmi.

Updated at 7:50 PM

Akasam Ammayi Ayithe song is on now. Humorous love track between Pawan and Shruti.

Updated at 7:43 PM

Shruti Haasan comes in as a beautiful village girl. Pawan Kalyan is in full flow. Top Dialogues and sharp humour

Updated at 7:41 PM

"Naku Nene Poti. Naatho Naake Poti..Natho Evvaru Potiki Raru, Raleru". Powerful and sharp dialogues from Pawan.

Updated at 7:38 PM

Ali comes in as constable Samba. "Padhi mandhi kosam manchi cheddam
ankune vadni, padhi kalaalu bathakalani deevinchu amma" PK's Dialogue to

Updated at 7:32 PM

Abhimanyu Singh makes an entry as the villain in the village of Kondaveedu. Tanikella Bharani also comes in

Updated at 7:27 PM

Time for the iconic title song 'Gabbar Singh'. Pawan's dances are fantastic and the song has been shot superbly

Updated at 7:23 PM

Power Star Pawan makes a rocking introduction on horseback and he chases the goons.. Superbly Shot

Updated at 7:20 PM

The movie starts off with Puri Jagan's son Aakash watching Gabbar
Singh character from Sholay. Suhasini and Nagineedu come in as the

Updated at 7:15 PM

Titles are interesting with Guns as the background

Updated at 7:12 PM

The Movie has just started with special thanks to Trivikram Srinivas, Shyam Prasad Reddy and Ramesh Sippy

Updated at 7:11 PM

Hello Folks. We are bringing you exclusive first on net live updates from PSPK's Gabbar Sigh


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east or west pawan is the best after rajini, crazy hero is power star pawan kalyan

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