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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Zanjeer Toofan Review

Movie opens in Hyderabad and moves to Mumbai. ACP Vijay Khanna transferred to Mumbai. Upto  Interval movies moves very fast. I felt it was on track up to this point. After interval movie lost its way with no proper screenplay, connectivity and ends abruptly. There are a lot mismatch with original movie. 

Ram Charan justified his role 100%, Priyanka Chopra, Sanjay Dutt/Sri hari, Prakash Raj performed good. Charan - Sanjay/Srihari scenes were good. over all its charan one man show.

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Rahul said...

The movie is not as bad as the critics are making it out to be. The only things bad in the movie are music and editing. Placement of songs is worse. The story is quite different from the original and here the hero takes on oil mafia & oil smuggling. But screenplay is not that good and after the hero gets suspended the way he destroys the den of the oil mafia is handled irresponsibly & poorly but not as pathetic as Hrithik's Agneepath. Ram Charan is Ok as angry young man, his voice is suitable but a taller hero like Hrithik would look better in fights with Sanjubaba SherKhan. Dialogues are also good. Overall worth a watch but nothing to take back except if one is interested to know more about how the oil mafia works.

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