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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tamil stars' tattoo tales ~ South Scope

PavithraSrinivasan goes tattoo spotting in the most dramatic of places. Before you get scandalized, we mean in Chennai and we are talking Tamil stars.
For a while forget you're reading this and picture instead a typical lover's tiff scene from a Tamil movie.
You are likely to have seen something we are about to describe umpteen times precisely because it never fails to work. So here's how it goes: The hero and heroine have had a massive fight, replete with accusations galore. She's sobbing, he's breathing fast. He attempts explaining himself, she's in no mood to listen. He uses much lung power to convince her he loves her. She asks him to prove it. And there in lies the clinch. The cue is given and he wrenches his shirt open, and hey presto! There she finds her name tattooed on his belly/ shoulder/chest, often close to the heart. And that's it.
All is well again. Vikram.
Cut back to the real and the story is not too different either. Not as melodramatic though but the love part of the deal remains. Whether it's the love of their lives, their own identity or simply the love of tattooing.
Angelina Jolie got her slim back peppered with her children's names, Victoria Beckham's practically traded love engravings with husband David and closer home, Saif and Kareena have etched their love for each other permanently on their respective bodies. Tamil stars have been doing it too and much before tattooing became a cool thing, at least in India.
Example? Paruthiveeran's etching of his beloved Muthazhagu on his chest ­ crude, yet with an affecting simplicity that's an indication of uncomplicated life.
The others given in to the tattoo needle are Khushboo, Lissy Priyadarshan and Aishwarya. More recently of course, body art is more prolific and arty too. Tattoos aren't just names; they're stylized protestations of love where calligraphic letters transform from mere words to poetry. And ink that otherwise is simply graffiti becomes etched romance.
The sylph-like Trisha who is all set to make her debut in Bollywood has a Nemo fish tattooed on her bosom.
It makes tantalizing appearances whenever she wears those stylish off-shoulder numbers ­ which is often.
Apparently, it took the tattoo artist three hours to get it right. She's got a little one on her left wrist too and she wants another, except she thinks her mom will finally disown her! Not too far behind, in fact, much talked about is another tattoo. The elegant P followed by two Tamil letters on bikini babe, Nayanthara's arm. We hear she considers it a part of her body, and has no issues about showing it off. "Chennai has a long way to go before we get completely adventurous about tattoos ­ but the change is happening," assures Naveen Kumar, who's been a tattoo artist with Chennai's foremost tattoo studio, Irezumi for three years. Incidentally, Trisha got hers done here and Surya got a piercing here too. "I hope my clients would want more from us than just butterflies or names. Stars are the latest trend these days, but I wish they'd go for something bigger.
Dragons maybe," he smiles. Doesn't seem that far fetched. In the meanwhile, we always have our little love notes and personality screaming stuff, both on and off screen.

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