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Friday, January 15, 2010

Bioscope in south scope oct 2009

GOOD the concept of water in every frame is unique. The first half is extraordinary and Manoj paramahamsa's camerawork is top class. The lead pair is fresh and their performances are pretty realistic. Aadhi, who debuted with Mirugam has made a fantastic comeback as a cop in eeram, his second film. Guy's got some potential! Sindhu Menon and Nandha fit the bill well. The SFX work is simply brilliant. Don't have to say more! n the unexpected twists and turns are baffling.Could have been better. The film is too lengthy and could have been made crisper. Post interval, it turns rather predictable and the climax peters out to be run-of-the-mill kind. The music is just passable and wonder why the audio quality is so jarring. -sridevi sreedhar cast: Aadhi, Nandha, Sindhu Menon, Saranya Mohan direction: rivazhagan Music: Thaman produced by: Shankar
Good A brave film that's very different from the usual formula driven superstar kind of fare. it shows.
n Director Akku Akbar and scenarist K gireesh Kumar come up with an engaging thriller which can send a chill down your spine, even without the mandatory screeches or excessive melodrama.
n The first half is an engaging mix of horror and suspense. the message is clear and it screams - a strong cry against abortion and the right of the unborn child.
n Jayaram and padmapriya are very good but it is Baby Nivedita who steals the show with a scintillating performance Could have been better...
n An engaging first half peters out to be a run-of-the-mill ghost story with no thrills.
n the songs are not as interesting and the way they are shot is pretty clich├ęd.
n The climax looks stage managed.

- sridevi sreedhar cAst: Jayaram, Padma Priya, Baby Nivedita diRection: Akku Akbar Music: Shyam Dharman pRoduced BY: Moserbaer Entertainment

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