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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Trisha's Bollywood Calling ~ South Scope

south scope jan 2010

In a quick chat, Trisha shares with Sridevi Sreedhar all about the experience so far, with her Bollywood debut
Men may come and men may go, but I'll go on forever...
In Trisha's case of course, it's women may come and more women may come, but she's not wavering from the top. Besides Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya in Tamil with Gautham Menon and Namo Venkatesha in Telugu already releasing soon, she was noted director Priyadarshan's first choice for a southern face in his Akshay Kumar starrer, Khatta Meetha.
With her Bollywood debut now underway, Trisha seems to be having quite a time of her life. Almost sixty percent of the shoot is completed in Baramati near Pune. And she's loving every moment of it. Doing a Hindi film must be a different experience. "Priyan introduced me to cinema with the Tamil, Lesa Lesa and he is a mentor of sorts to me. It was the whole high of working with an excellent filmmaker and wonderful human being. Everything else is a bonus." She goes on to confess that she signed the film only because of Priyadarshan and didn't look beyond that. And about Akshay Kumar: "Akki is so chilled out, disciplined and a great actor to work with. It is turning out to be an enriching experience for me as both Akki and Priyan have gone out of their way to make me comfortable.
Priyan's films are well liked entertainers always and I am glad to be working with him after many years. He really pampers me on the sets and the entire unit is a pleasure to work with. It's like one big party for me".
The film is based on Priyadarsan's 1990 Malayalam hit, Vellanakalude Nadu, which had Mohanlal and Shobhana in the lead. Trisha is doing a role made memorable by an actor of Shobhana's caliber. "I have two different avatars in the film and it will be more challenging than the roles that I've played so far. And I have not seen the Malayalam film to borrow from Sobhana's performance." At one point, Trisha was only shooting for Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya and not much else going on for her. Must have been bothersome to stay home. "It would be a matter of concern if there was a long break and I wasn't getting any work," she says frankly. "But fortunately, work has always come my way even before I go about looking. I have never really had to get desperate," she stays confident. It sure helps that all top actors and directors have repeated her in their films, something of a rarity in southern cinema. "I never had an issue with my costars or filmmakers I've worked with, in my sevenyear-long career. When minor issues crop up, I usually believe in resolving them by talking."

Talking of which, what's with the rumours that she is seeing Silambarasan? "Seeing him? Are you pulling my leg or something?" She breaks into a bemused laugh. I am not seeing him for sure. Sim has been a good colleague and we get along very well. When we're working together, we vibe perfectly. Otherwise, both of us are really busy with our respective careers."

So from male costars to female colleagues, does she feel the competition getting aggressive with younger girls on the block like Tamannaah? "No, it's never bothered me. I don't see anybody as a threat,"she says.
All her focus as of right now is on Khatta Meetha and then she has a new Telugu film with Ravi Teja in the pipeline. On her personal life she concludes: "I have never hidden my personal life. I have always been a person who loves life and enjoys it to the hilt. I balance my profession and my personal life and find time for my family and friends. Be it my annual holiday with a close set of buddies every year or giving 100 percent for a perfect shot, the passion is the same".

TRISHA ~ south scope dec 2009

If flawless skin is a style statement too, then Trisha flaunts hers all the time!
But apart from that she’s one girl who does full justice to the long skirt. She chooses length not to hide those oh-I-just-can’t-show-‘em-legs but because she doesn’t think she can look hot only in a short skirt! Like an unruly mop of hair can look sexy on some, slightly smudged eyeliner looks wonderful on Trisha.All set for her Bollywood debut, we’ll soon see her don designer Anna Singh’s ethnic creations and speak flawless Hindi!


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