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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Badrinath Audio Launch Photos without watermarks

The grand audio launching event of Allu Arjun-Tamanna starrer ‘Badrinath’ was held at Shilpa Kala Vedika. K Raghavendra Rao, Kodanda Rami Reddy, K S Rama Rao, Chiranjeevi, his wife Mrs Surekha, Ram Charan Tej, Srija, Allu Aravind and his wife, Allu Arjun, Sneha Reddy, Tamanna, Sukumar, SS Rajamouli, Rama Rajamouli, VV Vinayak, M M Keeravani, Boyapati Sreenu, BVSN Prasad, B Gopal, Sreenu Vaitla, Anand Sai, S Gopal Reddy, Tagore Madhu, K Atchi Reddy, Chandra Bose, Chinni Krishna, Chaitanya Prasad, Pokuri Babu Rao, etc., were the prominent figures in the audio function.
K Raghavendra Rao and Chiranjeevi released the audio CDs and presented the first copy to SS Rajamouli and VV Vinayak. Allu Aravind released the trailers.

Addressing the gathering Allu Aravind said, “Vinayak opined that if this script is not compared with that of ‘Magadheera’, then it can definitely become a good film. Vinayak said that except the knife, nothing matches between two films and Arjun too felt the same.”

Ram Charan conveyed that after ‘Magadheera’ he wanted to do a film something like ‘Badrinath’. “Other than the dance poster that is being displayed here, there is one more poster which they are going to reveal it before the release of the film. Allu Arjun portrayed himself in a new angle with six packs body. I urge Vinayak to plan a movie with me as well. We are aware that Keeravani garu put his soul for the music in ‘Magadheera’. I wish the music of ‘Badrinath’ and the film to become a grand success.”

Rajamouli said, “Even if it is produced by Allu Aravind garu with Bunny as hero, I consider this film as Vinayak’s film. I wish that his film will become a big hit. The music is extremely good and the re-recording work gives life to the film. Bunny dances very well. Though Ram Charan knows horse-riding, he once again took training for the purpose of ‘Magadheera’. Similarly Arjun went to Vietnam to learn martial arts despite he knows it.”

MM Keeravani said, “My due respects to my guru Veturi. We have included his song after his demise.”

Chinni Krishna said, “Whereever I go people keep talking about ‘Indra’ film. At the time of ‘Gangotri’ release my wife expired. It was Allu Aravind garu who gave Rs 10 lakhs then and asked me to go elsewhere and prepare a good story. Hence I went to Badrinath and prepared this story. Badrinath is a place where the echo Namo Narayana was born. Allu Aravind garu spent about Rs 30 lakhs only for story discussion. I was longing to work with Vinayak for quite some time. He has put in lot of efforts to direct this movie. ‘Badrinath’ is an action cum romantic film. Allu Arjun involves himself in the character and literally lives in that character. People are sure to call him southern Hrithik after the release of this film. This is my 2nd film with Keeravani garu after ‘Gangotri’. I’m very confident about the success of this film.”

VV Vinayak said, “I thank Chinni Krishna garu for providing a wonderful story. It took quite a long time to understand that story. Later I went to Badrinath where Lord Vishnu stepped his feet. Chinni Krishna collected lot of information and highlighted the tiny bits while he penned the script. Keeravani garu is a wonder for this film. By giving a song which was written by Veturi garu some 7 years ago, he made me feel that I missed one such good friend like him. His re-recording work is outstanding and not to speak of Ravi Varma cinematography. Chandra Bose wrote wonderful lyrics. Similarly Anand Sai, Kamal Kannan, Peter Haynes, Rajendra Kumar, Aakula Siva and every technician has given his best to this film. The audience would compare Allu Arjun with Sylvester Stallone after the release of ‘Badrinath’. Allu Aravind garu spent money like water for this film and encouraged us to picturise the film on the Badrinath set costing Rs 4 crores. This apart, he also chose the top most technicians in India. Hence I’m confident about the film becoming super duper hit.”

Tamanna said that Allu Aravind gave her opportunity to work for two films at a time. According to her director Vinayak took good care of her. Keeravani rendered very good music. She also said that she is a big fan of Allu Arjun and that she had learnt a lot from him.

Allu Arjun said, “I recollected my first film while shooting for ‘Badrinath’. This is my 10th film. Chinni Krishna garu rendered story for my first film and it was directed by K Raghavendra Rao garu. I’m confident about this film’s success since it took shape in Vinayak’s hands.”

Chiranjeevi while speaking, “We will always be grateful to our fans for giving the love and affection to our next generation also which we consider as our strength. My special association with Geeta Arts banner is unforgettable as Allu Aravind garu made numerous films with me which gave me this status. Although I feel sad for not able to do such wonderful films, I’m still happy that the heroes from our families are growing to that stage.”

Responding to fans when they called him future CM he said that he became megastar with their blessings and that he would definitely fulfill their wish very soon with their blessings only.

Further speaking, “I see myself in Ram Charan and I’m very happy to see Bunny’s physic and his energy levels. I’m just unable to believe that the kids who used to dance for my songs are heroes today. I’m very happy to see that they are maintaining the same image of the family that’s prevailing now. I’m confident that ‘Badrinath’ will become as big hit as ‘Magadheera’. Allu Aravind garu has proved himself to be the No. 1 producer in India. Regarding the story of this film, Chinni Krishna wrote this script from the audience point of view. I grasped his abilities at the time of ‘Indra’ only. Vinayak has put in a lot of efforts for this film. One such incident is when he realized that the film got messed up after demolishing the Badrinath set, he went into depression. Later I convinced him not to take it to the heart. He really worked very hard to craft this film. The director is one who works hard for the audience’s appreciations in theaters. Keeravani gives his heart and soul for music and he has proved that through ‘Magadheera’. I’m sure ‘Badrinath’ will celebrate 200 days function. Bunny has earned a special image for himself through his hard work. We are able to control piracy through the fans’ support.”

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