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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pawan brings great intensity to the screen - Pranitha in TOI

Pawan brings great intensity to the screen

Actress Pranitha, who bagged a Pawan Kalyan-starrer, says she has a karmic connection with Tollywood

Karthik Pasupulate 

    AKannadiga by origin, her first brush with Tollywood came in 2010, when she saw Mahesh Babu’s Pokiri. Pranitha was incidentally, poised to play the lead in the Kannada remake of the movie, titled Poriki. “I have this special connect with Tollywood, some kind of a Karmic connection. When I saw the original for reference, little did I know then that I’d be acting in a Telugu film next, that too playing a village belle, dressed in a langa voni all the time. It was great fun,” recalls Pranitha, who broke in to Tollywood with Em Pillo Em Pillado followed by Baava soon after. 
    It was however, a rather forgettable start to her Tollywood innings as both the movies turned out to be BO duds, but 
she doesn’t look at it that way. “I signed onto a microblogging site recently and to my surprise, most of my followers are Telugu fans. They still remember me as the girl in Baava. It’s nice to know people remember my performance,” she says. 
    If her next Telugu movie lives up to its blockbuster billing, the chances are, Pranitha’s stocks in T-town would hit roof. She’s paired opposite Pawan Kalyan in director Trivikram Srinivas’s next, and is all gung ho about it. “It’s one of those once in a lifetime opportunities for me to be sharing the screen with a star of the stature of Pawan Kalyan, and I jumped at it. The intensity that he brings to the screen is incredible, he’s a phenomenal performer,” she says. 

    Pranitha adds, “It’s a complete family entertainer and I am playing a very sweet, girl-next-door character in the movie.” This movie is just one of the four films that she’s acting in currently. She is shooting simultaneously for three Kannada films as well. “I’ve been getting a lot of offers from the Tamil film industry as well, but I have put them on hold to complete my present commitments,” says Pranitha who claims to be fluent in all three languages — Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. “Being a south Indian, I think it was easier for me to pick-up the languages on the go. I think proficiency in language helps greatly with acting,” she says. 
    Being the only daughter of her parents (both doctors), acting began as “a summer vacation thing,” for her. “My parents weren’t very excited about the idea, to say the least. They never even watched movies. But I convinced them to let me try it just once. It was summer vacation time and they agreed. It turned out to be a great experience and they have turned into big movie buffs now,” she shares. 
    Movie offers forced her to discontinue college, but she’s pursuing her graduation through distance education. However, she’s not very comfortable talking about it. “Please don’t mention this. It’s a very age-revealing thing you see,” quips the 20-something actress. 

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