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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jana Sena Policy

Jana Sena will celebrate only the following holidays,
1. The Indian Independence Day and republic day
2. Formation day of the two Telugu States.
Birthdays and cultural and religious festivals will not be celebrated because they have all been exploited for political gains instead of the original purpose of national integrity. This is the policy of Jana Sena out of immense respect for our culture and the multi-religious fabric of Bharath nation.

Pawan Kalyan is completely committed to create new political leaders and a political force against all odds to bring in a grassroots revolution in the society. That is why he is going slow and strong.
Jana Sena is a serious political party with a long-term goal not for temporary electoral gains but socio-political aims.
Jana Sena has started recruiting several thousands of party members with careful scrutiny and started off training them extensively to build a social army.

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